Business Enhancement

ddfdsJPGContrary to popular belief, accounting and bookkeeping aren’t just about understanding how much money you have coming into your business versus how much is going out the door. It’s also about finding opportunities for growth, cost savings, and better planning.

That’s where business enhancement with Brookshire comes in. We can help you analyze what you have, think ahead to where you need to be, and build a financial bridge that connects the two in the future.

Business enhancement can involve a number of different activities, which may include:

Business structure review – If you’re thinking about reorganizing your business as a different kind of legal entity, be sure you speak with an expert first. Not only are there tax and liability advantages to some structures, but you’ll want to make sure the transition is as seamless as possible.

Financial risk calculations – Worried you don’t have the right cash reserves or insurance protection? We can review major areas of risk with you to find out if there are blind spots in your financial plan and help you discover cost-effective ways to deal with them if needed.

Succession Planning – We all look forward to retirement. What is your plan to transition your business into the next generation? We can help launch, monitor, and guide those tough conversation, especially for small closely held businesses (including family owned businesses.) .

“What Ifs” Scenarios – No one wants to think about the “what ifs” in life. What if my key employee dies unexpected, what if my health suffers to the point I cannot manage my business, what if my key supplier goes bankruptcy, etc. Brookshire can look at different key “what ifs” that may affect your business and provide pro-active planning to avoid costly business expenditures for life’s “what ifs”.

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