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27_2520601Sometimes, your business needs an answer that falls outside the normal range of advice. When that happens, you need an experienced professional who can help you find the right way forward.

Your Brookshire professional can help you to better understand, analyze, and act on a wide range of factors, including: business plans, financing options, asset liquidation, or other specialized services. Clients come to us for many different kinds of financial expertise, including:

Business financial planning – Thinking of expanding or contracting your company, opening a new location, or just changing your business structure? We can help you explore the various issues involved, including opportunities, risks, and tax implications.

New/Revised Business Plans – Is your bank asking for a business plan and you don’t have the time to complete? Brookshire is here to help prepare the business plan, especially those financial projections all banks required.

SBA Loan Documentation Preparation – Are you applying for a loan directly with the SBA or your bank has required an SBA guaranteed loan? We have experience completing these governmental forms and can assist you in a timely manner to speed up your loan application.

Loan Liaison – Shopping around for a loan? Why spend your time looking for a loan when you can spend your time improving your business? We can serve as your loan liaison and shop the loan for you. Brookshire has experienced former banking executives that understanding the “banking language” and can help you save in interest costs and fees.

Loan and financing reviews – Need to find a loan for your business or figure out whether the terms you’ve been offered are going to match your short- and long-term goals? Let us dig through the fine print for you to be sure all the aspects of your offer make sense for your business.

Cash flow analysis – Trying to decide whether you can afford a new investment, or need to find new options for managing cash on hand? We can help you analyze billing, expenditures, and other factors to manage the cash coming into and going out of your accounts so you don’t pay shortages or miss opportunities to earn a higher return on your balance.

Specialized consulting – When your business is facing a big financial challenge (such as a liquidation, succession, or transition to new ownership), you want specialized analysis and advice. Let us help you find the answers and information you really need.

The more intricate your business challenge is, the more important it is you have the right advice to make a good decision. Your Brookshire professional can help you find creative solutions. Call us today at 309-360-3445 to schedule a free consultation!

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