Conflict in the Workplace

How to manage conflict in the workplace – sometimes it can be quite a challenge and may take a lot of valuable time to address, but it does need to be addressed, since it will affect your entire team. Conflicts have a way of snowballing out of control and it is best to address conflict quickly and directly.

If the conflict is between two employees here are some tips for addressing the situation:

  • Talk to each one separately, in order to understand the reason for the conflict
  • Talk to both employees together and try to reach a compromise in the area of conflict, if possible.
  • Make it clear to both employees that they will need to remain professional and maintain their working relationship, regardless of whether the conflict can be resolved.

Having an atmosphere of openness, honesty and respect encourages employees to work out their issues in a mature way. You can lead by example and once you have established your rules your time spent on conflicts will decrease.

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